Commercial and Domestic Mobile Sharpening Service

Welcome to Bayside Mobile Sharpening, where a perfect result gives you the edge.


Based in Cleveland, Bayside Mobile Sharpening offers a professional mobile sharpening service for businesses and individuals in South East Brisbane, covering the Redlands, Logan and Wynnum-Manly areas.

At Bayside Mobile Sharpening, we believe that the precision of a sharp edge will give you a better result, and in turn a competitive edge. We offer a reliable, regular service where each item is sharpened individually with the highest care and precision. Our aim is to give your items an edge that will deliver you perfect results.

The range of items we can sharpen is extensive. Some of the most common items that require sharpening include butchers knives, hairdressing scissors, tradesmen's tools, kitchen utensils, gardening tools and more.

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   Sharpening your tools regularly can help you: